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"Where should we go for dinner?"

It's an age-old question; but with seemingly endless dining options, the answer usually isn't so simple. Whether people looking to grab a quick bite or plan a special get-together, they often turn to their trusty smartphones to find new restaurants and make their choices. 

Instant Apps give restaurants a chance to cook up meaningful connections with (new) customers by being present during the intent-rich mobile moments when people turn to their smartphone and start looking where to go for dinner.

Instant Apps are apps, but in the mobile browser


With an Instant App for Restaurants, you'll act on the behavior of this mobile customer. Exactly during the moment when he will make the decision where he is going to eat.  

Whether this is via recommendation a friend gave via whatsapp, through a search query in Google,
an ad on social media or an offline advertisement; it is likely that he checks your restaurant on his mobile. So, it is important that you convince him within 3 seconds when they visit your page (Instant App) on their smartphone or you might lose him *.

* Google: 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load

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    No download

    An Instant App has everything you expect from an app, directly in the browser

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    Immersive experience

    An Instant App is fast and has a custom design - it presents the information in a beautiful way like a normal App

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    SEO & Analytics

    An Instant App is indexed in every search engine, so it’s easy to reach your local audience

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    CTA: more reservations

    Boost your conversion - every Instant App has a clear
    call to action (CTA) *

Instant Apps for restaurants

Instant Apps are a new way to consume apps and is used as an addition to your website. It lets users experience beautiful and immersive apps, with smooth animation but without the friction of installing them on their device.

Users can open an Instant App with just the tap on a link and within a few seconds they interact with a mini-app that is targeted to their needs during moments they are already engaged, directly in the mobile browser.
It focuses on convincing the mobile customer by displaying the unique selling points of a restaurant in an beautiful way and guiding him towards a table reservation (CTA) *.

* The 'call to action' can be different for each individual Instant App

Replace your landingpages with our Instant Apps for restaurants

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Deliver your mobile content in a way your customers never experienced before! This is an excellent opportunity to distinguish you as a restaurant from the competition and convince your mobile customer to visit your restaurant.

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Use your impeccable Instant App:
- every time you post something on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook
- to enrich your offline advertisement (in the local travel-guide) by using a QR-code or short link
- when you send out a newsletter-email that is opened on a smartphone
- or any other use case where you target on mobile users to visit your restaurant

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